It all started in 1973, right at the tail end of a winter storm. When New Brunswick native Bill McIntyre arrived on Canada's West Coast to work at the newly established Pacific Rim Natural Park Reserve, in his words, "I thought I had arrived at Nirvana... Huge, snow white surf was peeling off the blue Pacific swells, and the sun was just starting to edge the dark purple clouds in gold, pink and orange hues... I'll never forget it." Bill acted as Chief Naturalist for the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve for 25 years, leading its various environmental educational programs. Wanting the flexibility to offer nature tours customized to all wants and needs, from children to retirees and corporate groups, he launched Long Beach Nature Tours in 1996 and has been carrying a pair of binoculars since.

Bill has also shared his natural interest with the West Coast communities of Tofino and Ucluelet in his role as a founding board member of the Pacific Rim Whale Festival. He has sat on the boards of the Strawberry Isle Research Society, Tourism Vancouver Island, and many more organizations as well. In short, Bill has kept busy! Did we mention he was also a volunteer warden on the ecological reserve of Cleland Island, a habitat for numerous seabirds? Now in semi-retirement, Bill continues to share his genuine enthusiam for our temperate rainforest and sweeping beaches and all creatures in their midst by inspiring the guides at Long Beach Nature Tours and making appearances for some exciting winter storm watching in Clayoquot Sound and Barkley Sound. "I just couldn't imagine being in an area that offered more vibrant, colourful, photogenic, free-range, organic nature!"